We are good at Search Engine Optimisation. We have a world class SEO expert helping our team. Again, we’ll let our work talk for us… please follow the live example below:

Northern Driving School Website
Search Phrase Rank
Driving school Rosanna no 1
Driving school Bellfield no 2
Driving school Alphington no 3
Driving lessons northern suburbs no 4
Driving school Yallambie no 5
Driving school Eaglemont no 6
Driving school Lower Plenty no 6
Driving school Northcote no 6
Driving school Viewbank both 6th and 7th
Driving school Montmorency no 7
Driving school northern suburbs no 9
Driving school South Morang no 9
Driving school St Helena no 10
The website is – they sell “Drum horses” / “Gypsy Cob horses”. The website was launched in July 2010 – the domain is not even 1 year old (old domains get extra points from Google search.)
The rank number is the row in the search results list – they are all on the first page of Google.
buy drum horse no 1
buy drum horses no 1
buy gypsy cobs no 2
buy gypsy cob no 4
drum horse both 2nd and 3rd
drum horses no 3
drum horse for sale both 3 & 4
drum horses for sale both 3 & 4
gypsy cob horses no 4
gypsy cob horse no 4
gypsy cobs no 3
gypsy cob no 3
gypsy cobs for sale no 4
gypsy cob for sale no 4

* these ranks were recorded on 15-Mar-2011 on Google, you can double check by using the search phrases above on Google.

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