About Us

Shalom software started as a family business in early 2010 and quickly expanded into a winning team. Our team members and their qualifications are listed in the “our team” page.

We are great at website design (have a look at some of our websites), but our core business is developing custom software applications that help businesses to expand and run smoothly.

We have helped many clients to focus on their core business while the software we created for them take care of things that were causing them stress in the past. Unfortunately most of these systems are not visible to the public. (We will put up screenshots of some of these systems here in the near future.) Following are some of our clients and systems we developed.

Sustainable Liquid Technologies
– Pricing & Inventory Management System
– Customer Relationship Management (Online) System
– Agronomy and Research (Online) Systems (and many Desktop Software Tools)

Australian Transport Agency
– Courier Tracking and Management (Online) System

Australian Coin and Bullion
– Refinery and Inventory Management System

Hotel Yala Village
– Hotel Management System

Puhulyaye Supermarket
– Point of Sale and Inventory Management

Pragna Bookshop
– Point of Sale and Inventory Management

Tamiya RC and Tamiya Direct
– 2 Online shops and online Stock/Sales Management

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